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  • As an auxiliary tool for the installation and replacement of the disk roots, it is indispensable in the installation site of the disk roots. The unique structure design can precisely cut the disk roots and reduce the cutting error. The scientific fixture conversion design can easily cut out the 45 or 90 degree angle you need, and avoid the looseness of the cutting edge. Special alloy cutting blade, can easily cut all kinds of material roots. Root scissors are easy to operate, flexible and portable. They can help you to complete your work better and achieve what you expect: safe, convenient and durable.

  • Guillotine Packing Ring Cutter, Professional results every time. 

  • Nichtmetallische Dichtung schneiden, Innen- und Außendurchmesser abschließen In derselben Zeit

  • The technical scheme adopted by the utility model is an oil seal extractor, which comprises a conical thread sleeve and a double-head reverse bolt. The conical thread sleeve is provided with a reverse inner screw hole,

  • Die Injektionspistole verwendet einen Knopfkopf oder eine Durchflussarmatur, die fest an der Pumpe oder der Ventilstopfbuchse montiert ist.